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Turner ‘Excited’ About New San Marino Coaching Gig

By Mitch Lehman
San Marino Tribune

For new San Marino High School head football coach Nate Turner, the objective is actually pretty simple.
“Seeing kids graduate and move on to the next level,” said Turner. “Kids that you were fortunate enough to coach.”
Turner has a field full of new players and he feels fortunate to be coaching them all. He recently started spring workouts and is getting to know his players well. He could use a few extra coaches to round out his staff but, hey, one thing at a time.
Turner has previous high school coaching experience at Long Beach Poly and Taft High School, which is located in Woodland Hills.
”That was an epic experience,” Turner said of his days at Taft. “The families and administrators made it very special.”
Turner is aware of the upside at San Marino High School and is impressed with what he has seen so far.
“I am excited about getting some of our baseball kids back,” he said, mentioning the baseball Titans’ run to the semifinals of CIF playoffs. “I am looking forward to getting a full team out here. I am working on understanding the culture and building some relationships on campus.”
Turner has one characteristic that many of his predecessors lacked: NFL experience. He played for the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints.
Success does not necessarily transfer from one level to the other.
“Teaching has a lot to do with coaching,” he said. “There are a lot of NFL guys who cannot coach….the ability to teach and share the experience and speak to their goals. Hey, I’ve done it, I’ve lived it, I have breathed it…both the setbacks and the triumphs. I get to share all of that.”
Turner played for Willie Brown, an NFL hall of famer.
“One thing he taught me was you commit to something and give everything you have to finish it,” Turner said, “You will every fiber of your existence to accomplish your goal. Even the setbacks. Just keep going! Keep chopping wood,” Turner said.
Brown coached at Los Angeles’ Jordan High School and was later at Long Beach State with George Allen.
Turner said the same of former Los Angeles Rams Coach John Robinson, who Turner played for at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.
“He was the true icon that everybody knows,” said Turner. “He was a true ‘player’s coach’ and he was always honest with all the players. He cared about the players, he was an honest guy, he wanted you to work hard and get the best out of. You couldn’t cut corners on him but rather he got the best out of you.”
Turner also spent some time at L.A. Southwest College, where he served as head coach and offensive coordinator. He also worked at Moorpark College, where he was assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. Turner has earned his master’s degree in physical education and sports management.
Turner said the main lesson he is hoping to teach his players is “the wins and losses will come. If we all play together, there will be no regrets if we play for one another.”
Currently, Turner is leading the team in light strength and conditioning drills and also “trying to figure out who we are and what we have. Our guys are committed. Right now, I am trying to find the sweet spot. I am so excited!”


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