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Give-Mentor-Love Foundation to Provide Backpacks for Sex Trafficking Victims

L.A. County is one of the highest intensity areas for sexual exploitation of children in the country. Every day, victims of sex trafficking are forced on to the streets to make their daily “trap” to fatten their pimp’s bankroll.

These victims are not prostitutes. They did not choose “The Life.” They are children who were kidnapped, groomed by someone they knew, or psychologically manipulated with false love, affection, and loyalty to get them to do as they are told.

When these victims are rescued off the streets, they are brought into the police station barely clothed, often wearing nothing but little pieces of fabric held together by a string.

They are cold, tired from being awake all night, hungry and afraid. With many under the age of 18, they have no one looking out for or taking care of them.

The Give-Mentor-Love Foundation is on a mission to provide L.A. County CSEC with 200 Backpacks of Love during the month of November for these victims.

Backpacks will include:

Stuffed animal: Offering comfort and a friend to hold close.

Sweatpants and a sweatshirt: To cover and wrap them in warmth.

Socks: Relief from the sky-high heels they’re forced to wear.

Journal: For important information they are told at the station.

Snacks and water: They often go all night without food or water.

Your support, no matter how small, will have a profound impact on these victims. Together, we can provide hope, warmth, and the comfort that they are not alone.

To donate to GML’s Backpacks of Love, visit bit.ly/BackpacksOfLove or scan the QR code. For more ways to help, email info@givementorlove.org.

First published in the Nov. 17 issue of the San Marino Tribune


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