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Lacy Park Rose Arbor Still Being Assessed

By Krista Daly

“The Rose Arbor is toast,” said Councilmember Dennis Kneier at the Oct. 30 San Marino City Council Meeting.

He continued, “We have to figure out something to do sooner or later. At first the idea was to just tear it all down and put $4,000 in the budget to do that. But we decided maybe that’s not the right thing to do.”

Kneier said this in an effort to see what is currently going on with the Rose Arbor, and get it added it to the Making San Marino Better list.

“I am proud of the fact that I raised questions,” he said of his initial queries stating it would probably have already been torn down if he hadn’t.

City Manager John Schaefer said the status is still unknown right now. City staff is working to get three people to bid for an assessment in order to determine what beams need to be replaced.

For the full story, see the print edition of the San Marino Tribune, or download the e-edition.


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