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Letters to the Editor

Why They Support Chon
This year’s school board election is about more than just choosing among five candidates; it’s about choosing the path forward for our community and holding it to the highest standards. All of the candidates have identified similar issues that need to be addressed. However, we support Jane Chon because she has the experience and knowledge to face those issues with realistic and practical solutions, as well as the proven track record and collaborative relationships to make them happen.
We choose integrity — Jane has run her campaign with true transparency. The names on her endorsement list are real supporters of her candidacy, and gave permission to be published. All of her Zoom meetings have been recorded and have been posted on her website so the public can hold her accountable to her campaign promises.
We choose tangible contributions — Jane has devoted thousands of hours serving San Marino schools and families. Even while campaigning, she has continued the work that directly benefits students, such as revising Carver’s PTA budget for COVID pivots, advocating to bring the SAT to SMHS, and writing a grant requesting funds for technology and PPE expenses. Those actions speak volumes.
We choose positive relationships with people and organizations that support the schools. Trusted San Marino city and school officials endorse Jane, as do over 20 PTA presidents and more than 20 Foundation presidents and trustees. When she takes a job, she doesn’t quit — volunteers that have worked with Jane trust her to get the job done.
We choose one who is equipped and prepared to meet the demands of governance. Jane understands the California public education system and will continue to work with our various district partners to bring about positive change. She can operate within the rules and procedures that are expected of a school board member and is willing to be held accountable to them.
We chose San Marino because we wanted the best schools for our children. We choose to stay because of the relationships and values in our community. We want school board members that uphold those values and are committed to San Marino public education — we want someone who can respectfully steward what has been built in the past and lead us into the future.
We choose Jane Chon.

Cynthia Ary, Jennifer Chuang, Cheryl Cabigas Freiburg, Nicolette Fuerst, Jennifer Yuan Kang,
Christina Pink and Lauren Shen
San Marino

Vote Wisely by Choosing Chon
The decision for new members of our school board is more than about who we know casually around our city, but more about who is best qualified for the job and can advocate honestly for our kids. Many buzzwords have been used throughout this campaign: budgetary knowledge, communication and partnerships. Only one candidate easily checks all those boxes: Jane Chon.
Budgetary knowledge: As co-chair of Carver’s annual Carnival as well as San Marino High School’s Grad Night 2020, Jane has worked tirelessly within PTA guidelines and maintained honest and valid budgets for these huge jobs at our schools. She understands accountability for one’s efforts with a high-stakes event and the necessity for the checks and balances that are in place. This knowledge will be invaluable as a school board member who is held accountable for the spending of our tax dollars.
Communication: Jane has put herself out into the community, speaking honestly about current issues within our schools with regard to AP course offerings and availability, returning to campus during a pandemic, and student wellness across all our school sites. What impresses me most is that Jane posts these discussions publicly on her website and social media platforms for all to access and learn from her valid research, holding her accountable to what she has promised in her campaign. You can see, too, by visiting janechon.com.
Partnership: Jane was one of the first candidates to throw her hat into the race and understands the time commitment necessary for the job. She has not wavered in her desire to seek out support and collaboration from all organizations in our community. She has translated information on her website so all can easily see information in their native tongue. Jane supports our Schools Foundation with not only her knowledge but also her dollars, having donated routinely year after year. This shows dedication and commitment to collaborate, which is an important quality of a school board member.
One vote is all it takes to put forth the right person for the job of a school board member at SMUSD. Please use your vote wisely and cast it for Jane Chon.

Jennifer Giles
San Marino

Chon ‘Perfect’ Choice for School Board

I believe Jane Chon is the perfect person for the position of San Marino school board member. Her kids are all in San Marino. She has kids who’ve been through the system. A Stanford master’s in education and extensive background in education make her the perfect person for the position.

Chris Yau
San Marino

Candidate’s Deep Knowledge of Schools
I appreciate the opportunity your paper is giving our family to voice our support for Jane Chon to be elected for San Marino school board. Jane is the only candidate to have children in San Marino’s elementary, middle school and graduate high school in 2020. Additionally, her volunteerism and Stanford master’s degree in policy analysis and education allow her to understand deeply the workings of our schools at every level.
San Marino schools really need someone like her with the experience and background to help our schools adapt to the rapid changes around us. Please vote for Jane Chon.

Maggie Mar and Ken Yue
San Marino


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