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City Adds Signage to Protect Bicyclists, Pedestrians

First published in the Nov. 18 print issue of the San Marino Tribune.

San Marino’s Department of Public Works is placing new signage at locations identified by community members who are concerned with the increasing speed of automobile traffic on residential streets.
Two different versions of the signs are being employed, said Michael Throne, the city’s public works director and city engineer. Both signs are florescent-colored and warn motorists to be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians. A street-level version, 47 inches in height, reminds drivers that it is a state law to stop or yield for pedestrians.

“While we would typically place them on a sign post, we’ve found that isn’t very effective,” said Throne. “What does seem to work, based on reports from residents, is that affixing them to barricades with yellow flashing beacons and placing them either in the center of the street — if the street is wide enough — or along the gutter.”
Throne called the campaign a “traffic calming” work in progress.
“We also like the ‘yield to pedestrian in crosswalk signs.’” Throne said. “However, we’ve learned we cannot use them at stop-controlled intersections.” One such sign that had been installed at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Mission Street has been removed.
Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, San Marino Police Chief John Incontro has encouraged motorists to lower their speed, which many believed has increased as traffic decreased.


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