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A Special Delivery for San Marino FD

Dylan was in a hurry to come into the world, evidently. He was fortunate that members of the San Marino Fire Department showed similar haste in attending the delivery.
The SMFD arrived at a home on West Drive early on Oct. 7 after getting a 911 call about an expectant mother headed to the hospital. She never got out of the driveway.
“We pulled up, and [the husband] was crouched by the passenger door,” said firefighter Dave Tannehill. “He had just caught the baby.”
The firefighters swung into action, caring for the mother and the baby and transporting both to Huntington Memorial Hospital in the SMFD ambulance, which was manned on this call by Brian Campbell and Tannehill. The firefighters even arranged for flowers to be delivered to the family later.
“There was a lot going on,” Tannehill said of the scene in the driveway of the home. “We had two patients, the baby and the mom. With Mom, you have bleeding and placental delivery to deal with.
“The baby was blue and somewhat not making any noise, not moving. Brian attached a clamp to cut the (umbilical) cord. After we cut the cord, we stimulated, warmed and suctioned the baby. We turned up the heat in the ambulance to 85 degrees. Keeping a baby warm is super-important.”
Dylan’s arrival to the world was surprisingly swift. The mother told firefighters that her labor didn’t begin until 5:30 that morning. By 6:10, the parents were placing the emergency call.
“Luckily, everything was normal in the child delivery. But it was one of the fastest ones I’ve ever heard of.”
He added, “It’s nice to be a part of that — the beginning of life — because our jobs can be very sad. We see a lot of the end of life. Fortunately, everything went well. The baby was beautiful.”


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