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Fire Department to launch “Operation Fire Safe” Service in 2018

The San Marino Fire Department will be rolling out “Operation Fire Safe,” a home safety inspection service and checklist tool for local residents, in 2018.

The objective of the service is to prevent accidental fires, improve life conditions, help occupants understand and improve existing conditions, as well as to provide firefighters with an awareness of the occupancies in their jurisdiction, according to the SMFD.

Information on “Operation Fire Safe” will be available on the City of San Marino’s website on the SMFD page, including a description of the service and the checklist, included here, of safety items and precautions to keep your home fire safe.


  • Cooking is never left unattended
  • Unplug any unused appliances
  • In an event of a grease fire, put a lid on it


  • Do not cover baseboard heaters with furniture, curtains, or any other equipment
  • Keep portable heaters at least 3 feet away from beds, furniture, and other equipment
  • Never leave portable heaters unattended
  • Turn off portable heaters before sleeping


  • Do not leave extension cords under rugs, doors, or tacked to walls.
  • Use as few extension cords as possible.


  • Keep lighters and matches out of reach from children in a secure place.
  • Light candles only in sturdy holders and never leave unattended.

Smoke Alarm: Did you know that working smoke alarms can increase your chance of survival by 50%?


  • Install smoke detectors according to the manufacturer’s guidelines on every floor and in every sleeping area as well as the hallways leading to them.


  • Regularly test and vacuum the alarms.
  • Replace alarm battery every year or once the alarm starts “chirping.”


  • Develop a Home Escape Plan to follow in an event of a fire.
  • During a fire, crawl low and evacuate. Once out, call 911.

This, as well as additional information, will also be available in Mandarin on the Fire Department’s webpage.

Any resident who has questions about the service or safety checklist is encouraged to call the SMFD’s non-emergency line at (626) 300-0735 and ask to speak with the shift supervisor, Firefighter/Paramedic Dwayne Carlton stated.

“If after you’ve reviewed the checklist and you have additional concerns, we will be happy to come out to your home and walk through the checklist with you, or inspect an item of concern,” Carlton said.

Printed copies of the safety checklist will also be available at the San Marino Fire Department, City Hall, and will be passed out at future community meetings.

“This is an additional way for the Fire Department to continue to improve services in the community,” SMFD Chief Mario Rueda said. “We never know when some action on our part could help prevent an accident, so why wait?”

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